About the Eternal Gospel Society
The Eternal Gospel Society (EGS) is an apostolate consisting of all baptized Christians who have signed the petition for the Right to Choose Life Act. The RTCL Act is built upon our founding principle, which is written below. It was one of the last things to be revealed to our founder. It will never go way, because it is from God (Acts 5:39).

Our Founding Principle

A male incurs a provider's debt the moment he has impregnated a female, and it is wrong for any debtor to be able to get his debt remitted by killing the creditor.

The petition is also known as the Right to Choose Life Petition. The RTCL Petition shows our elected officials how many people know about the RTCL Act and support it. Legislators will not be compelled to introduce the bipartisan bill until a significant number of their constituents have signed the RTCL Petition.

The founder of the EGS is the man who wrote the first version of the Right to Choose Life Act, as well as the first Right to Choose Life Petition, both in 2020. In the latter part of 2021, he received some feedback that enabled him to make the final corrections to the RTCL Act. Lord willing, the next RTCL Petition will be created on Mother's Day 2022 and then every other Mother's Day thereafter, until the RTCL Act becomes law. If it has not become law by the time our Lord returns, then when he returns, he will find us working to advance the idea. We will not stop working to advance the idea, because our founding principle will not go away.

Our apostolate is called the Eternal Gospel Society, because the the angel of God, which had the "eternal gospel" (Rev. 14:6) announced, "the hour of his judgment has come" (Rev. 14:7), and (because of recent advancements in DNA paternity testing) the time in fact has come for God to judge men who incur child support debts (Heb. 13:4), which he is doing by giving us the idea for the RTCL Act.

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